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Barker & Associates provides security systems for schools, hospitals and government facilities in Casper, WY

When your employees are working at your facility, they shouldn’t have to worry about their safety. They trust that if a fire breaks out, your building is equipped with a fire alarm system that will alert them to the danger.

As a business owner, you need a sense of safety when it comes to your building and equipment, as well. You should sleep easy at night knowing your property is protected.

Barker & Associates, based in Casper, WY, has more than 50 years of combined experience in low voltage security. We have installed commercial security and technology systems in schools, hospitals and government facilities all over Wyoming, and we can provide the same security and technology to your business.

Give your employees peace of mind with a security system from Barker & Associates today.

Make sure your facility is fire-ready

Along with fire alarm systems, Barker & Associates can equip your facility with:

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Connect your campus

Communication is key during an emergency situation. Barker & Associates can install intercom systems that are campus-wide or school system-wide. One school will be able to alert the entire district to an emergency with just one phone call.

Barker & Associates works hard to give you high-quality security, fire and intercom systems. We can design, install and maintain our systems.

Trust in our locally owned and operated company to secure and connect your facility.

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