Easily communicate during emergencies in Casper, WY!

Easily communicate during emergencies in Casper, WY!

Get an intercom system installed by the professionals at Barker & Associates

Disaster can strike at any moment, but with an intercom system from Barker & Associates, your school will be prepared to communicate during:

  • Weather events
  • Security threats
  • Fires

ThreeSixty Systems is our main manufacturer for intercom systems. Set up an intercom system before the next emergency to make sure communication lines stay open.

Invest in a global communications system from Barker & Associates in Casper, WY

When there is an emergency situation happening in your school district or on campus, you need to be able to get information out quickly and efficiently. Barker & Associates can install intercom systems that will link your campus or entire school district together.

With an intercom system from us, your Casper, WY school will be able to alert the entire district to an emergency with just one phone call.

Intercoms by ThreeSixty. Enhance the communication of your school system by calling us today!