Keep an eye on your property in Casper, WY

Keep an eye on your property in Casper, WY

Get a security system installed by the professionals at Barker & Associates

Depending on the needs of your facility, Barker & Associates can design, provide and install:

  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Intrusion detection
  • A burglar alarm

We will evaluate your property to determine which type of lens and camera will work best for you. And after we install your system, we’ll check back in with you during a follow-up meeting to make sure everything is working correctly.

We’re certified with Genetec, Bosch and Axis Communications.

Barker & Associates in Casper, WY protects personnel and property

A break-in can cost you thousands of dollars. Work could also be delayed while you replace your equipment, costing you even more in lost time and productivity.

Barker & Associates in Casper, WY can design a new security system for your facility, install the system and perform all of the necessary maintenance.

Install our security system today to keep your team safe.